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Our legal team is helping thousands of students claim fair financial compensation through no win, no fee group court claims.

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19 March 2024: Mediation with UCL does not lead to agreement. Application to lift the stay on court proceedings granted. Case management hearing set for 18 and 19 June 2024.

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Students have been let down by their universities. They paid full fees for a university experience that they were not sold. They’re frustrated, disillusioned, even angry.

Students have tried to fight back but they’ve been no match for these powerful institutions.

That’s where the Student Group Claim comes in. We exist to address the power imbalance between those students and graduates affected, and the universities.

By bringing claimants together under a Group Litigation Order, they stand a fighting chance of getting the compensation and justice they deserve.


The Student Group Claim has brought together two experts in group litigation, Asserson and Harcus Parker. These two highly regarded firms, along with a third party funder, have the experience and financial backing to take on these deep-pocketed institutions.


We take on each student or graduate’s claim against their university on a no win, no fee basis. If the claim is unsuccessful, our clients will have nothing to pay.

If their claim is successful, our clients will pay us no more than 35% of any damages that they’re awarded. It is this fee that makes the Student Group Claim possible.

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There is a contract between every student and their university. The student pays course fees and the university agrees to provide in-person tuition, access to facilities and other services as set out in its contractual documents, prospectuses, and promotional materials.

Universities breached their contracts with students from 2018 onwards, in response to strikes and then Covid-19. During those years they cancelled in-person classes or moved them online, as well as restricted access to facilities such as libraries.

Students can claim financial compensation for these breaches of contract. The best way for them to achieve this is as a group, in a collective court claim.

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Could there be any negative impact on me as a result of signing up to the claim?

It would be completely improper for a university to treat a student differently just because they have joined a group claim, and we think it is very unlikely to happen.

Thousands of students have and will be signing up to the claim, and will be in the same position as you.

Am I entitled to compensation if my course moved online?

In our view, yes. There is typically a substantial difference between the price of a traditional university course and an equivalent online course. In our view, under English law, you are entitled to compensation to make up that difference for the period when your course moved online.

How do I know if a communication from Harcus Parker is genuine?

Your security is of the utmost importance to us. We will never:

  • Ask for your bank details over the telephone.
  • Request you to make a payment to us.
  • Ask for a payment to be made to a crypto wallet.

Please be wary of unexpected or unsolicited communications, especially if they:

  • Request personal or financial information.
  • Create a sense of urgency.

If you are unsure that the communication is genuine, please contact Harcus Parker through our main website https://harcusparker.co.uk/contact/.

Am I entitled to compensation if some of my classes were cancelled due to strike action?

In our view, yes. Under English law, if a university promised you a certain number of weeks of teaching and provided a smaller number of weeks, for example due to strike action by lecturers, you are entitled to compensation for the cancelled teaching weeks.

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