18th July, 2023

High Court gives University College London four months to end dispute with students who want permission to sue over COVID-related tuition

18th July, 2023

London students’ Covid-19 compensation bid put on hold to encourage resolution.

3rd August, 2023

Student Group Claim making waves over the pond!

19th July, 2023

High Court gives university 4-8 months to agree compensation with students out of court.

26th May, 2023

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26th May, 2023

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26th May, 2023

BBC London: First Court Hearing Against University College London

24th May, 2023

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24th May, 2023

GBNews: Student Group Claim sit down with Michael Portillo

23rd May, 2023

Why hundreds of thousands of students in Britain are suing their universities

4th May, 2023

BBC South East Today – Why students should be compensated

23rd February, 2023

ITV News – 90,000 students to sue their universities over Covid disruption

15th February, 2023

Channel News Asia – Students demand compensation!

13th February, 2023

GBNews – Universities saved money by moving tuition online. We were promised a service!

25th January, 2023

Ryan Dunleavy talks about university strikes in London Live interview

23rd January, 2023

Student Group Claim on GB News – Why university strikes are unfair

9th November, 2022

5 News – University graduates speak about their time at university during the pandemic and strikes

9th November, 2022

BBC London News talks about our claim

2nd November, 2022

TalkTV – What was lockdown uni really like? Why should unis compensate students?

31st October, 2022

GB News – Students sue for refunds from their universities

31st October, 2022

GB News – Students to sue several universities over Covid disruption