29th December. 2020

End of Year Update

Progress of the claim

After two and a half months developing awareness of the claim, we are pleased to report that we now have around 1,000 students participating in the claim! We are approaching the kind of number that will allow us to take the claim to court. We are keen to ensure that international students, many of whom have not travelled to London for Term 1 and who therefore may not have heard of the claim, are made aware of the opportunity it presents. They have paid very high fees, and received an education in their bedroom in return. We want to help you –  you can help your fellow students by spreading the word!

Some technical updates

As Covid-19 continues to rage on, UCL have announced that terms 2 and 3 of this year will be online. As a result, our damages estimate has gone up, although we are still only assuming that term two is online, since we hope that vaccination might mean that term three can return to normal.

How we keep in touch

Blog – The blog section of our website contains articles relating to the claim, updates on our progress and the opportunity to catch up on any of our info sessions you may have missed.

Social Media – We are active on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Content is posted daily, so follow us to be kept in the loop (and hopefully entertained from time to time!)

Email list – Students who have signed up to the claim, or have registered interest, receive regular updates from us.

The Student Claim in the News

Global momentum behind the right for students to claim a reduction in their tuition fees has been picking up. Alongside coverage of UK students who are disgruntled,  you can read about developments in the USA, where lawsuits have already been filed against a number of institutions, including Princeton and the University of Miami, and a court in Boston has already ruled that students are entitled to bring their claims.

We are keen to share the stories of our own students’ experiences – if anyone reading this is happy to share their story (anonymously, if you prefer), please be in touch with Fran at francesca@studentgroupclaim.co.uk

Speak to your lawyer

So far we have held two ‘meet the lawyer’ info sessions, giving students the opportunity to ask the lawyers leading the claim questions. We will continue to make ourselves available for students to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us here, and we are happy to arrange a zoom meeting or a call to address your queries.