The Student Group Claim – An overview – 11 November 2020

What are the facts?

When you accepted your place at UCL, you entered into a contract with the University. You pay your fees, attend your classes and do your work – and UCL provides teaching, support and facilities in exchange.
As a result of UCU strikes and the Covid-19 pandemic, the delivery of your course has been radically different from that which you signed up for. Teaching was cancelled, often without a suitable replacement being offered to make up for it. Examinations were scrapped, and facilities were closed.

You are now effectively receiving an online degree – having paid for an in-person one. The two are not the same thing, and they should not cost the same price. In our view, UCL has breached its contract with you – you are not getting what you paid for.

So far, UCL has been unwilling to refund fees in acknowledgement of the significant changes to your courses. We believe that legally, this is incorrect. You are entitled to compensation, and we want to argue this case for you.

Who are we and what is our role?

We are a group of lawyers at Asserson Law Offices. Asserson is a firm with significant experience in fighting group claims on behalf of groups who have been prejudiced by large institutions. We want to use our skill and expertise in order to obtain fair compensation for UCL students.

To that end, we are putting together a group claim on behalf of the thousands of UCL students who are in this position – it is called The Student Group Claim.

What are the risks involved?

There are no financial risks involved. You do not have to pay anything to join the claim.

If we win, you will receive compensation (up to sums in the thousands of £). If we do not win, it is extremely unlikely you will have to pay anything.

Won’t UCL penalize students for joining the claim?
1. Firstly, it would be morally wrong and potentially unlawful for UCL to discriminate against you in any way just because you are bringing this claim. Victimisation of students for asserting their legal rights risks causing severe reputational damage to an institution of UCL’s stature.
2. Secondly, we can only bring this claim if we have a significant number of students signed up – this means that when we bring the claim, you will be one of the thousands of students who are a part of it.
Bear in mind – we are not attacking UCL. This is not a war.

We just believe that legally, it is UCL who should cover the cost of the change to education brought about by UCU Strikes and Covid-19 – not students. UCL – a very well established, well-endowed institution – should be the one to bear these risks and carry their costs, not struggling students. It is a legal, not personal, dispute.

The bottom line

We are offering to lead this claim for you with minimal effort on your part. What do we need from you? We need you to sign up and spread the word! – we cannot proceed unless we have enough students who have joined the claim.

How do you sign up?

Click here to sign up and see how much compensation you could be entitled to. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or contact us at .

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