A Summary and Replay of the Student Group Claim Info Session – February 23 2021

We held the fourth Student Group Claim Information Session on 23 February 2021, led by Senior Partner Trevor Asserson and Senior Associate Shimon Goldwater, and hosted by Head of Communications & Business Development at Asserson Law Offices Francesca Caller.

Here are the questions that were put to our lawyers. You can hear the answers in the video replay below. (The video is timestamped so you can quickly skip to the questions that interest you most.)

  1. I am a sponsored PHD student – if we receive a refund and some of it goes to Asserson Law Offices, will this be a problem for my sponsor?
  2. When will the claim go to court, and when can we expect a result?
  3. Are students who are paying international fees eligible for reimbursement?
  4. Will Brexit have an impact on the claim for students from the EU?
  5. Will some courses will have a better chance of winning the claim than others?
  6. How long will the legal process take?
  7. Although I have already joined the claim, I keep getting emails that I have not – what should I do?
  8. Do you have a predicted probability of success?
  9. The Student Union is also working towards trying to get the students compensation. Would this be a better alternative, considering that we won’t need to pay the 30% fee?
  10. Is it possible that the Court may rule out that everyone will have to make a separate claim?
  11. If the claim is successful, will all UCL students benefit from the refund or would only those who signed up to the claim benefit from it?
  12. If the claim should fail, what would the repercussions be, if any?
  13. Is this claim based on an individual basis, or do we either all win or all lose?
  14. Will the insurance that you are taking out cover the full costs of losing?
  15. What made you choose UCL?
  16. Can UCL penalise students for joining the claim?
  17. Would the claim go forward without a funder?
  18. Would you hire interns to work on the claim?
  19. Who are the potential funders?
  20. Can students join the claim retrospectively?


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